Samstag, April 21, 2018

10. Lied von Urwegen und Klangteppichen ° SoundCoud-Mix by urwege ° 20 verses - to be continued °

Now I fly with my personal witch to `Blocksberg`. This time I use a broomstick. My witch steers the vehicle and so I can relax and listen to the wonderful magic singing from all corners of the earth

9. Lied von Urwegen und Klangteppichen ° SoundCloud-Mix by urwege °101 verses°

Meanwhile, I remember my last trip with my flying carpet on sacred paths (Urwege), carried by sound waves. It was around Easter, everything went very fast. There were the melancholy noises of winter, the meditative Easter sounds, and finally the joyous laughter of nature prevailed in the warming sun.